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 Joint Symposium of International Symposium on “Engineering Neo-Biomimetics IV”

December 10th (Mon)

Takikawa Memorial Hall , Kobe University

16:00 17:20
short oral presentations from JST-ERATO and CREST projects and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas “Engineering Neo-Biomimetics”

16:00 16:20
“Anomalous Wetting on Super-hydrophilic Polyelectrolyte Brush Surfaces. ”
– Dr. Daiki MURAKAMI    Takahara’s JST-ERATO project

16:20 16:40
“Full-Spectrum Visible Light Photocatalyst Composed of Organic Semiconductor p-n junction: Application for Air and Water Purification Utilizing Natural Sun Light”
– Prof. Keiji NAGAI       Iyoda’s JST-ERATO project

16:40 17:00
“Water Droplet Manipulation on Biomimetic High Adhesive Superhydrophobic Surfaces”
Prof. Daisuke ISHII     Shimomura’s JST-CREST project

17:00 17:20
“The Origin of Ultra-violet Reflection of the Petal of Ranunculus Japonicus
– Prof. Takahiko HARIYAMA        Hamamatsu Medical University, MEXT’s “Engineering Neo-Biomimetics” project

17:20 19:00
Mixer with poster presentations from 4 research projects
Takahara’s JST-ERATO project

“Molecular simulation of 2-dimensional microphase separation of single-component homopolymers grafted onto a planar substrate”

“The frictional properties of bio-inspired polyelectrolyte brushes in aqueous lubrication”
– Dr.Myo MINN

“Liquid Marbles Prepared with Hydrophobized Halloysite Nanotubes”
Dr.Hui WU

“The use of Nano-decals for surface functionalization.”
Dr. Hirohmi WATANABE

“Construction of mussel adhesive protein mimetic with light activation property”


Iyoda’s JST-ERATO project
“Paitable Visible Light Photocatalyst based on Organic p/n-Junction”
Prof. Kenji NAGAI

“Research Society for Biotemplate Technology”
– Prof. Tomokazu IYODA

“Liquid Crystal Induced Anomalously Regular Microphase Separated
Nanocylinders in Block Copolymer Film”
Prof. Motonori KOMURA

“Highly Ordered Metal Oxide Nanorod Array with High Aspect-ratio via Block Copolymer Templating Process”

“Fabrication of free-standing membrane of microphase-separated liquid crystalline block copolymer and PEO crystallization in cylindrical microdomains”


Shimomura’s JST-CREST project
“Fabrication of Metal Thin Film Micro Pattern on Hydrogels for Tunable Structural Colors”
– Prof. Kuniharu IJIRO    RIES, Hokkaido University

“Preparation of the Biomimetic Functional Materials by Using Self-organization”
Prof. Yuji HIRAI    IMRAM, Tohoku University

“Database Construction for Neo-biomimetics Inspired from Biodiversity”
Dr. Shûhei NOMURA    National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo

“Outreach and Interdisciplinarity Activities for Biomimetics in the Hokkaido University Museum”
Prof. Masahiro ÔHARA    The Hokkaido University Museum


MEXT’s “Engineering Neo-Biomimetics” project
“Avian Data in a Biomimetic Database”
Dr. Takeshi YAMASAKI    Yamashina Institute for Ornithology

“Towards a Functional Ontology for Biomimetic Database”
Prof. Yoshinobu KITAMURA    The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University

“Antifouling Properties of Honeycomb-structured Porous Films against Barnacles”
– Dr. Takayuki MUROSAKI     WPI-AIMR, IMRAM, Tohoku University

 “Developmental Genetics in Formation of Corneal Nipples in Drosophila melanogaster
Prof. Ken-ichi KIMURA    Laboratory of Biology, Sapporo Campus, Hokkaido University of Education

“Self-Assembled Vesicles Composed of Gold Nanoparticles Enabling Rapid Drug Release”
– Prof. Hideyuki MITOMO    RIES, Hokkaido University

“Bio-inspired Flexible Flapping Wings by Micromolding”
– Prof. Hiroto TANAKA    Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Chiba University International Cooperative Research Center, Chiba University

“Development of the Matching Process against Lifestyles and Technologies”
– Assoc. Prof. Yuko SUTO     Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University

December 11th  (Tue)

Kobe International Conference Center

09:30 10:30
“Draping Materials and Synthetic Morphogenesis”
– Prof. Alfred J. CROSBY    Polymer Science & Engineering Department University of Massachusetts Amherst

10:30 11:30
“Biological and Biomimetic Microstructured Adhesives: The Role of the Fluid”
– Prof. Stanislav GORB    Department Functional Morphology and Biomechanics Zoological Institute of the University of Kiel

11:30 12:30
“Bioinspired Design of Sensing and Active Materials and Their Integrated Systems”
 – Prof. Minoru TAYA    Electrical Engineering and Oral health Sciences University of Washington

12:30 13:30  Lunch

13:30 14:30
“Bio-inspired Adhesives for Energy Storage and Nanobio Technologies”
Prof. Haeshin LEE    Department of Chemistry KAIST Institute of NanoCentury (KINC)  Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST)

Dec, 2012