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International Symposium on Engineering Neo-biomimetics VII



10:00 opening
10:05-10:50 Plenary Talk Prof.S.Gorb (Kiel Univ.)

“Functional Surfaces in Biology as Source for Biomimetics: From the Fish Adhesion and the Snake Camouflage”


10:50-11:35 Invited Talk Prof.A.Pike (New Castle Univ.)

“Artificial nucleobases for designer DNA nanomaterials”


11:35-12:00 Dr. A. Hozumi (AIST)

“Self-lubricating Organogels : SLUGs” Showing Beyond-Biological Surface Functionalities”


12:00-13:00 lunch


13:00-13:25 Prof. M. Kohri (Chiba Univ.)

“Biomimetic structural color materials from melanin-like particles”


13:25-13:50 Dr. R. Tsubaki (JAMSTEC)

“Sponge as a Potential Model of Biomimetics: New perspective”


13:50-14:15 Prof. T.Takanashi (FFPRI)

“Vibration sensitivity in longicorn beetles and biomimetic potential for insect pest control”


14:15-14:20 Closing