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Joint Symposium of International Symposium on “Engineering Neo-Biomimetics Ⅵ” and Satellite Workshop at Lake Biwa

October 22nd (Tur)

Seminar hall, Shimadzu Coperation, Kyoto

Opening Remarks
Prof. Masatsugu Shimomura (Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

「Standardization in the Field of Biomimetics An International Challenge」
Prof. Dr. Heike Beismann (Westfälische Hochschule, Germany)

「Biomimetic Bonding Technology」
Dr. Naoe Hosoda (NIMS, Japan)

「Biomimetics Image Retrieval:Connecting Biology and Engineering」
Prof. Miki Haseyama (Hokkaido University, Japan)

10:50-11:00       Coffee Break

「Challenge to anhydro-preservation of cell line inspired by a desiccation tolerant African insect.」
Dr. Takashi Okuda (National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Japan)

「FungiUp Cities like Forests: From Coffee Waste Recycling to Sustainability!」
Dr. Stephan Hoornaert (Morpho-Biomimicry.Be, Belgium)

11:50-12:35 Plenary
「Biomimetic thin membrane, the NanoSuit®, enhancing surface shield effect for living organism in high vacuo」
Prof. Takahiko Hariyama(Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Japan)

12:35-14:00       Lunch and Tour of Shimazu

14:00-14:45 Plenary
「Trade-offs, Evolution and Biomimetics」
Prof. Julian Vincent (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)

「A Study of Lily Flower Bud from Mechanical Point of View」
Prof. Hidetoshi Kobayashi (Osaka University, Japan)

「Introduction of the Structural Biomimetic Design Method」
Dr. Yael Helfman Cohen (Tel Aviv University, Israel)

15:35-15:50       Coffee Break

「Aerodynamic characteristics of flat-plate wings with serrated leading edges modeled on an Ural owl’s primary feather」
Dr. Hiroto Tanaka (Teruaki Ikeda, Tetsuya Ueda, Takeo Fujii, Hao Liu)
(Chiba University, Japan)

「Biomimetic Design of Hip Joint Replacement」
Prof. Matej Daniel (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic)

「Sliding friction on shape-tunable wrinkles」
Dr. Takuya Ohzono (AIST, Japan)

「Bio-inspired Innovation Implementation in R&D Strategies – A French Landscape Overview」
Dr. Kalina Raskin (CEEBIOS, France)

17:30-18:30        Poster Session

October 23rd (Fri)


Satellite Workshop of “Engineering Neo Biomimetics VI” at Lake Biwa Museum and “La Collina”

13:30-15:30 Lake Biwa Museum
Science tour of the Lake Biwa Museum and discussion on “role of natural history museum for biomimetics”
15:30- leave to “La Collina” by bus
16:30-18:00 “La Collina”
A round table discussion on “international collaboration of biomimetics for education, industrial development, and sustainability”
18:00-20:00 Banquet at “La Collina”

Oct, 2015