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Joint international symposium on

“Nature-inspired Technology (ISNIT) 2014” and

“Engineering Neo-biomimetics V”

February 12-15, 2014, Conference Hall, Hokkaido University, Japan

We will hold a symposium on nature-inspired technology between Korean and Japanese researchers. We would like to invite you to upcoming joint symposium that will be held at Hokkaido University on February 12-15, 2014. We planned outstanding programs including 6 plenary lectures, 25 invited talks and poster presentations. Enjoy intellectual interchanges with Japanese & Korean scientists and engineers.


  1. New Discovery for Nature-inspired Technology
  2. Nature-inspired Materials
  3. Nature-inspired Surface & Structure
  4. Nature-inspired Sensors
  5. Nature-inspired Actuators & Robots
  6. Biomechanics/Biophysics/Biochemistry
  7. Bio-MEMS/NEMS
  8. Nature-inspired Fluid Dynamics
  9. Nature-inspired Biomedical Applications

We very much look forward to receiving abstracts submitted from all areas of nature-inspired technology (not limited to the themes described above).